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I came in like a Moneyball

With the Phil Coutinho’s £142m move to Barcelona complete we take a look at Fenway Sports Group record at transfers while being in charge of Liverpool.

Biggest Transfer Fee Paid

Before the start of the season the answer would have been Andy Carroll at £35m 🤢 , but this season they have gone on to break that record three times.

First with Mohamed Salah (£36m), then on Naby Keita (£55m) and only this week they brought in Virgil Van Dijk for a world record fee for a defender (£75m).



While Carroll was anything but a success and shipped off to Westham United after only two seasons, the same can’t be said for Salah who has easily increased his value two fold and Keita who is yet to join is one of the hottest properties in world football.

Van Dijk has only played one game so far but did manage to get the winner in a Merseyside derby.

Biggest Loss

Moneyball is all about signing young players cheap, developing them and selling on for a profit.

While this has come to fruition many times, including buying players like Jordan Ibe for a nominal fee and selling on for £15m, sometimes it has gone wrong.

Mostly notable when they signed Andy Carroll from Newcastle United for a then record £35m, he went on to score only 11 goals in 58 appearances before Liverpool cut their losses and sold to Westham United for £17.5m, making a loss of £17.5m in the process (not counting the wages they had to pay him during his time at the club).

Biggest Gain

Nothing says Moneyball more then signing a young player for £8m and selling on 5 years later for £142m.

Coutinho, who scored 54 goals in 202 appearances for Liverpool with countless more assist and lit up the premier league with his flare and guile.

While fans have reason to be disappointed at the loss of the little magician the signings of Salah, Mane & Firmino shows that the Liverpool committee given the chance can replace him.

Other players who were signed for a low fee and who have already increased their value significantly include, Joe Gomez, Roberto Firmino and Emre Can (yes I know we won’t get a fee for him)

So how do the number stack up ? 

Since FSG have been in charge Liverpool have signed 50 players.

Out of those 50 players bought, 26 are still at the club and 24 have been sold.

The 24 players that were sold cost the club £205m and including the Coutinho fee have landed the club and net profit of £138m.

The list does not include players who were sold for a profit before FSG took over, including Raheem Sterling & Fernando Torres.






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