Champions League Final Week – The Longest Week.

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Monday of a Champions League final week was a strange day. Stage one was the realisation that Liverpool Football Club will play in the Champions League final on Saturday night. Stage two was when the tedium kicks as you realise that you have to wait 5 full days until kick off. People often say that the average man thinks about sex every 30 seconds, well, I’ve honestly thought about Kiev every 10 seconds since the final whistle in Rome.

The Sunday papers have provided us with a vast array of interviews from Mo Salah to Trent. Which is exactly what this week needs as I want to consume as much content about the reds as possible. The narrative being put out appears to have us penned as the plucky underdog, daring to enter into the mighty Real Madrid’s competition to try to wrestle the trophy from their tight grasp. I, for one, love that mentality. It’s us against the world. The Scouse Urchins vs Madridista arrogance.


No two clubs in Europe are more defined by what they’ve achieved in this competition than Liverpool and Real Madrid. On paper the game is a true heavyweight clash between two of Europe’s elites. Two huge clubs, with decorated histories, playing in the biggest spectacle in club football. It feels huge, because it is huge. This is the game that every club wants to play in. Even the Manchester City fans, renowned for booing the Champions League anthem, in a heartbeat, would swap some of their 100 points to be here.

So onto Kiev and what is possibly one of the most inaccessible places on the continent, which makes it a less than ideal venue for a European cup final. That said, hearing some of the stories of the length’s that loyal reds are willing to go in order to get there is amazing. Bus journey’s and overnight stops in some of the best European cities makes me so jealous, it’s unreal.

Can you imagine the party when we win number 6?! Cities such as Lviv, Prague, Berlin, Düsseldorf and of course Liverpool decked out in red, will be a sight to behold and rightly hold it’s own place in history.

So go forth Reds, conquer all of Europe because every part of it will have reds streaming through it come the weekend. Not to sound to smug (I’m about to sound smug) people will tell you that I’ve said something big has been brewing since Hoffenheim away and the nice little €20 bet that I put on the reds at 40/1 proves it.


Stephen Browne.

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Dad of 2 • Work for • Host The Tactics Board Podcast & Writer for @LFCDaytrippers • @LFC & MMA Fan • Football Journeyman