Daydreaming – Champions League Final 2018 Almanac

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Gav Doyle

It’s the big one lads!

This side have blown our expectations out of the water this season on the European stage.

Park 4th place and what that brings. Forget how we got there. We will deal with that from June onwards. It’s all about Saturday.

What a journey this has been and what memories have been made. These reds are back, and I fully believe they are on the brink of something special.

Let’s not kid ourselves though. Madrid are a fantastic side with quality throughout. Ronaldo and the lads aren’t back to back champions for nothing.

When I look at this game though I am quietly confident. We are better defensively than people like to admit and going forward I think we have a real chance against Real.

Prediction wise I’m going to go with a daydream I had while sitting in a traffic jam in Dublin city centre.

Firming early on. Robbo wraps it up in injury time. Number 6. Job done. 

Allez Allez Allez

Joe Walsh (@JoeWalsh1981)

Ok so here I am writing a short preview for a champions league final involving my beloved Liverpool Fc which is hard to believe. 

We go into the game as underdogs but as I have said from the start of the knockout stages I think our best chance of beating the likes of Real Madrid is in a one-off game.

I am going to remain optimistic for this game and with both teams defensively weak I think our speed, desire and sometimes recklessness will triumph on Saturday night when we beat one of the greatest ever teams 3 -2 in an end to end game of beautiful attacking football.

I am predicting a final dominated by our Ballon D’or winner Mo Salah in what has been a quite amazing first season for him domestically and especially in Europe.

Allez Allez Allez

Grizz Khan (@GrizzKhan)

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid, this Saturday under lights, has the makings of being one of the best champions league finals ever. Two absolute “institutions” that in their illustrious histories have always promoted open attacking football. It’s for these reasons I predict an epic 2-2 draw after extra time and an amazing 6th title for the mighty reds on penalties.


Allez Allez Allez

Ray Brady (@Razor_LFCDT)

“The only thing we have to fear…is fear itself”.

My prediction is, that the only thing that is going to stop us winning number 6 on Sat night is not a certain Portuguese goal scoring phenom, but a severe dose of stage fright…the occasion…the world is watching. The biggest club game in the world! It’s a first CL Final for the ENTIRE squad, not even one old experienced head in the dressing room to say “this is how it goes lads”

Fact of the matter is, what this team does lack in experience at this level, they more than make up for with huge fucking balls! Big Jürgen “I don’t know how to play for a point” Klopp shaped balls! We play like we KNOW we can beat anybody! We attack like a swarm engulfing all in its path! We truly are both deadly and potent when on our game! In Mo Salah…we have a genuine Ballon d’Or contender. 

An Egyptian King nonetheless. But to single just him out though is really unfair on the rest of the squad. They’ve all been immense in their own way. In fact, we’ve played with a squad of Kings all the way through this European campaign, from Ox to Sadio, Bobby to Milly Hendo to Gini, Emre, Trent, Robbo, Karius.Dejan to big Virgil, all entitled to lay claim to a crown of their own. 

Apt I suppose that it culminates on Saturday night in Kiev with a meeting with some other European Royalty. The King’s club… a win for them and they retain their Royal throne…a win for Jürgen’s Red men (IMAGINE) and it elevates our boys from mere Kings… into FUCKING GODS!

Up the fucking Reds!

Call it a SIXTH sense…. I’m going 3-1 Liverpool!

Shane Davoren (@Shane16Dav)

I will start by saying I was a lot more nervous of the second leg in Rome than I am for the final, but I am sure that will change come Saturday.

A lot will be made, rightly so of the attacking players on both sides as well as vulnerable defences but for me the winning of this is the battle in mid field.

If our midfield players can get on the ball enough whether that’s playing out through the lines or winning the ball back high in there half, then we have a great chance in my opinion.

I just fear the game settling into a pattern of Madrid keeping the ball for fun and pushing us back deeper and deeper.

Anyway, Fuck Madrid I am going heart over head with a 2 -1 Liverpool Win.

Gareth Breen (@GarBreeninhoLfc)

Looking ahead to the weekend, the focus for obvious reasons is on both attacks, whilst both defences will provide openings, full backs attacking, Carvajal (fitness pending) will be targeted but his replacement Nacho is more defensive minded.

The midfield battle is key, allowing Kroos & Modric dominate possession destroys our tempo, Spanish sides have put both under pressure this season hence results & form not good enough from Madrid’s point of view. Should Henderson, Gini and Milner dominate Liverpool can start to dream as our front 3 will get chances.


Liverpool 2 – 1 Madrid

James O’Regan (@Southcirc)

On Saturday Liverpool embark on the biggest game of the season and even this decade. It is now 13 years since that amazing night in Istanbul, this current Liverpool side now have a chance to emulate the status of legends that was achieved by the team in 2005.

Only thing in their way is Real Madrid the winner of the Champions League Final for the past two years.

But I feel we have a team especially with the front 3 of winning in Kyiv on Saturday and bringing No 6 home to Anfield. It will be an amazing occasion and two very attacking teams so there are likely to be goals, but I feel Liverpool can and will win.

I am predicting a 4-2 win to Liverpool.

Paddy Lawson @LLPaddyL

Story the Lads.

In my opinion its going to be an all-out attack by Madrid for the first 20 Minutes to see were our weak points may be.  We will then start to hit them on the break and hopefully pick the off.

I am going to go with a 2 Nil Liverpool Win.

Andy Young @AYPrivateEye

I feel this is one of the best chances to beat Real Madrid in recent history.  They are every bit as uncertain at the back as we are, conceding 44 Goals to our 38 in the league this season.

They have looked ropey in every fixture in this years Champions League despite progressing to the final.

Liverpool will be a proper test for them.  Despite being the Champions Leagues Most impressive team this campaign I think they will underestimate us.  I have got a good feeling about this.  Klopp’s Liverpool are hungry for this.   A comfortable 3 -2 to Liverpool.


Phil Casey @Phil_LFCDT

Well there is only voice of reason left in this group. Our run to the final has been both historic and heroic. What a moment!! Zidane stands on the precipice of being the only manager to win 3 champions leagues with one club, Ronaldo will win his 5th Champions League medal and an historic hattrick of CL medals. This team has been there and seen it all. They just win the champs league relentlessly. Only we can beat them. Only we can stop them entering a pantheon they don’t deserve. We need to avoid trying to out midfield and exploit their gaps. Break up their midfield exploit their gaps at fullback and prevent casemiro from nullifying firmino. This order is taller than the shard and some building in the emirates which is bound to be bigger.

This is extra time, this is penos, this is a lottery. Given i’ve been resident pessimist and forecasted missing out on top 4 – Madrid 4-2 on penos. fingers crossed i keeps up my crystal balling abilities allez allez allez



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