The hunt for the Mystery Player

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Since Jason Burt mentioned on The Anfield Index podcast that Liverpool is targeting a player this month who he does not believable is achievable but could be come the summer, Twitter has been awash with rumours of who it could be.

The Times Jonathon Northcroft followed this up by confirming he knows who this player is, and most recently stated that he was premier league based.

We take a look at the most likely candidates.

Alexis Sanchez 

The man Liverpool originally wanted as the replacement for Luis Suarez, looks certain to leave Arsenal this January with Manchester United & Manchester City the most likely destination.

But could he be the mystery player?

He has been a target in the past, he would certainly fit into the Liverpool front three and a fee would be below £40m.

The problem with this one is that he has already turned us down in the past and is believed to favour a move to Manchester City.

He would also command a huge wage along with agent fees.

Mesut Ozil

Another Arsenal man, and another who would not command a high fee and someone who could replace Coutinho’s guile and creativity.

It does look like he will stay out the season at Arsenal but with Burt saying this player is more likely in the summer, he could well be in fact the mystery player.

Deli Alli

The one that got away, Liverpool had the chance to sign Alli before he made the move to Tottenham Hotspur but felt the demands were a little too high for a young unproven player.

He has gone to be one of the best midfielders in the World today, Liverpool no doubt now regret their decision but it would surely take over a £100m bid to put it right.

Wilfried Zaha

The Crystal Palace winger has been in scintillating form in recent times, he has everything it takes to reach the top level.

His time at Manchester United may not have been productive but Liverpool were known fans before he moved to Old Trafford and now that he is back to his best maybe the committee is looking his way once more.

Henrik Mkhtyrian

A total left field shout, Mkhtyrian is a player who is not wanted by Manchester United and a player that Liverpool were desperate to sign before Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund stepped in and nabbed him.

Yes he plays for Manchester United but Jose Mourinho has never had an issue selling to a rival before, and yes when he was at Dortmund himself and Klopp had their issues but in football stranger things have happened.

Do let us know on social media who you think they mystery player is.

This trippers money is on Ozil but like Jason Burt a summer move would be more likely.


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