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The transfer window slammed shut and with it comes disappointment for some Liverpool fans. Yet why are they disappointed? After all the club made no promises.

The disappointment stems from faith and belief in the trusted ITKs.  They promised bids for Van Dijk, Lemar and Muller, none ever materialised. In fact the club told us all in June they would not be revisiting Van Dijk in this window.

This might sound rich coming from me, someone who made a name as being ITK back in the day, but this blog is to try and explain the truth behind about being “in the know”.


Generally for an ITK the very first reply to their info after an ITK tweet is: source!

Sources however for an ITK vary. They may be close to a journo, a lad who works at the club in a very small capacity, the lad down the pub who says he knows someone and of course the main source; imaginary voices in your head.

For an example during the summer of 2013 Liverpool were heavily linked with now Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen. All of the sudden it went quiet on that front. I asked a journo via DM what the story was, and was told the deal was not happening and they would not report on a deal not happening as that is a non story.

I tweeted out the above and received instant credence based on a a non-publish worthy story.

Summer of 2012 was another summer where Liverpool were after a midfielder. This time the name on everyones lips was Nuri Sahin, a loan signing from Real Madrid but who had looked destined to go to Arsenal.

So imagine my delight when a DM comes into my inbox from someone who worked in a very low capacity at Anfield with details that Nuri Sahin was about to sign for us the next day.

All going well right, well then the followers start to grow and as an ITK you can start to believe your own hype and start getting desperate to have every story right.

So when someone tells you that they know a Ryan Bertrand’s ex and he has told her that he is off to Merseyside, you go with it.

Then a few hours later he signs for Southampton and there ended my days of ITK, I stopped pestering journos, and lads who worked in the Spire hospital.

Which brings me to the ITKs of today, the biggest Liverpool ITK is now so trusted the national press use him as a source.

For the record I know Graeme as a Twitter friend. He has sent me many messages that have come to fruition in the past. The tweet above also shows he got two right out of the four. 50% about as good as how most transfers turn out on the pitch.

Unfortunately some take his word as gospel which of course it is not. No deal is done until the lean and the ink is dry on the contract, a lot can go wrong in the meantime.

However the ITK knows they are playing with fire and will eventually get burnt. Okay Twitter only allows for 140 characters, but instead of saying done deal etc why not say terms agreed with player X, just need to sort fee now.

Instead if a deal seems any way likely an ITK will take a chance and make it out to be a done deal, just so they can get that exclusive and credence from their followers.

What about the biggest ITK around, a man who can boast over 270k followers the man himself IndyKalia.

Call it click bait, call it a parody or call it a true in the know, Indy has nailed the Twitter game he has realized that why be a one club ITK when you can be an all club ITK; plus you can monetize it.

Indy is the ITK that all the others aspire to be.

The Trippers have always had an ITK with them whether it was me before or the now legendary NITK Grizz.

I admit I do not know Grizz, he comes across great on pods and seems a decent bloke. He’s also mad, using a mixture of sources from someone who knows someone, to believing the lad down the road who said he saw Mahrez outside Melwood.


Guess What?

It will be January before we know it and the ITK Tweets will be back. By all means follow these looneys sharing knowledge from the sacred spring. Take their word as gospel, and its you thats the mad one not the ITK. No matter who they are.



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