The Trouble With Twitter

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Member of the LFC Daytrippers and host of the Postmatch Couch Show on @LFCDaytrippers podcast. Send me your thoughts after the game #postmatchcouch

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Hello? Anyone there??? Hello???

I remember with longing at time when my Twitter feed was a happier, more optimistic place. Nowadays I struggle to see anything on my feed due to the fume surrounding the modern game.

I always thought that technology would be an amazing advancement for mankind, throwing up a brave new world of adventure and opportunities. Back then we could only dream about talking to anyone in the world at the touch of a button and when we said that out loud we sounded like idiots.

Back then the internet was only just beginning and we made sure every morning we bought the paper and read the latest gossip from the journos. Some days there was a few columns and some days nothing at all. If you were really keen you’d phone “CLUBCALL” for the latest news or wait for “TELETEXT” to scroll round.

So why has something so powerful suddenly become such a terrible thing? What’s gone wrong that made 24/7 updates the source of frustration in our lives? This was supposed to be so great!!!!!!

Access? Human Nature? Rivalry? Well that’s certainly part of the problem. Anyone can access twitter at anytime and be whoever they want to be. Create an account, select a pic from google, write up a profile and you are off! Now 99% of us are “us” on our profiles and that’s great but then we have to look at the 1%! We’ve been told lately to check where your news comes from! Make sure it’s trusted! So we seem to think a “connected agent” is more accurate than Sky Sports or the Liverpool Echo. And by the way is it just me who finds it weird that an organisation that provides the mainstream news also has a betting arm that is surely influenced my mainstream media? Just a thought, I digress so we chose to believe a faceless person who could be gone in an instant.

Then there are the fans, oh yes we are to blame in this as well you know. No one sided comments here. We lap up the information, crave the information, DEMAND it. What’s the latest on…? Any updates on…? It’s like an army of football fans from all clubs shouting at the internet equivalent of the “House of Black & White”. So they give us information that we crave and then when we read it, if it doesn’t suit our eyes… we fume! Not at the faceless men and women in this mystical house but at the club, their owners, their owners friends, ex players, anyone and everyone they feel will read their pain!

And the players are just as bad… for example Matt LeTissier has happily goaded LFC fans over the Virgil Saga. A fan messages Carra and says “tell JWH to sign VVD” to which he replies “done” and two hours later a transfer request hits the wires (a real one this time) oh the fume… #Saintsfc feed goes mad… the VVD hate gets a steroid injection.

Is this an exclusively Liverpool Issue? Almost certainly not, It’s become a football issue. How many watch Arsenal Fans TV after they loose for giggles and shits because of the ensuing drama? Or look at opposition feeds when a player they were linked to sign for another club? We all revel in the fume of an angry twitter feed.

It’s only human nature of course and this is all part of the tribalistic essence of football, it’s just moved from the terraces on a Saturday afternoon too a 24/7 online battle. And that is the problem… it was fun for 90 minutes a week, and the odd banter filled coffee break or over a pint in the pub. But to keep it going all day, every day it’s like being Mo Farah’s trainers… after a while surely they cry out “For fuck sake Mo will you sit down for 10 minutes and give me a break!”

I’ve lost count of the number of people who message me saying… “I can’t do Twitter right now” or “i just want it to be September 1st already” but this time I don’t think it will stop after the window shuts. Click bait and a drive for adoration online will drive this level of insanity forward to the point where Twitter becomes a home for the angry and disenfranchised among us. But there is hope…

But, there is hope. Football performances on the pitch tend to clear the red mists that’s have clouded minds to a point where a sponsors logo is a reason to call for a plane to fly over Anfield. A great performance should get our minds focused on the beautiful game, assuming twitter even remembers the season starts on Saturday lunchtime. But lose that game and (in my opinion) there is every possibility that the only red we will see online is the mists of fury rather than the warming glow of the travelling Kopites Flares.

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Member of the LFC Daytrippers and host of the Postmatch Couch Show on @LFCDaytrippers podcast. Send me your thoughts after the game #postmatchcouch