What to do with Coutinho money

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Liverpool currently have over £140m burning a hole in their pockets, and the Daytrippers have their say on what they think the club should do with it.

Jamie Holme

I’m one of the few who is not overly sad that Phil has been sold. I made peace with the fact it would happen awhile ago. I think Liverpool are more than capable of creating and scoring goals with the remaining attacking options that we have.

In terms of replacements, I don’t feel there is a need for a direct replacement for Phil as there are not many players of a similar ilk to him plus, I don’t feel he was tailored made stylistically for a Klopp side but obviously, graces any side with his individual brilliance.
I’d instead like us to spend the money on a top goalkeeper as a priority. If Alisson is able to keep the brilliant Ederson out of the Brazil team, he will do nicely for me. I feel a top goalkeeper, coupled with the signing of Virgil Van Dijk would have a hugely positive impact for the side. It might just mean we would only need to score 1 goal to win a game, instead of the usual 3!
Andy Young
140 million is only a phenomenal amount of money if you don’t waste half of it on a fraction of the player Coutinho was. Liverpool need to be really careful here because if they are, they could solve a lot of issues with the sale of one player. I think we should start by bringing in Keita early. I dont know much about Alisson but a top goalkeeper could be gotten for less than 50 million. I trust Klopp with the idea of replacing Coutinho for his midfield unit but Mahrez or Sanchez for around 30-40 million would be great business.
If used correctly  the Phil money could be a game changer for us.Most fans have been crying about our “spine “ not being good enough well that’s  what I would try to strengthen  ..a top class keeper would be high on my list ..Allison £40mill ..next a young dynamic cmd in the mould of Ndidi of Leicester £30 mill …and the rest of the money would be used in luring in our long term  target Christian Pulisic, thats 3 very realistic young hungry targets that would also fit in with the FSG transfer model #YNWA
Shane Daveoren

I actually think having a weak spine since probably the 08/09 season has been a massive issue for lfc as just when we seem to look like putting a good spine together we lose an integral part.

Considering the front 3 we currently have at out disposal i think we would be best served in january trying to strengthen the spine of the team rather than looking at a like for like replacement for coutinho which would prove near impossible,in my opinion.

The goalkeeping position is certainly somewhere id like to see strengthened. Mignolet is awful and unfortunately as much as i had hoped karius would come good,its not gona happen.allisson from roma has been linked and ive not seen anything of him but i would definitely stay well away from butland.another who isnt good enough.

With Emre can going we’ll also need another midfielder to arrive as well as Keita in the summer so if we could add in that area as well i reckon it be beneficial.whether thats blowing a huge some on Lemar or a more astute signing who knows but its an area of concern.

Joe Walsh

No matter who we sign it won’t improve us for the second half of the season in my opinion

Between settling in period, no pre season with us, learning the system and getting a run of games we won’t see the best of any signing until next season.

In saying that we need a goalkeeper, centre back, centre midfield and attacker so I’d still like us to add one or two players now if available and for the right price. Eligible for the Champion league would be important for me

Stephen Daly
So the little man is finally gone to Barca. We all knew it was coming and personally I’m not overly bothered.
It’s a weird one because part of me is very annoyed that he’s gone at this point in the season, especially given it looks like there’s no one immediately lined up to come in a strengthen the squad, but the other part of me no longer expects anything from players so I shouldn’t be surprised by the timing.
So what do we do with the money? Personally I’d love us to really show some balls here. Pay for Oblak if he’s willing to come and add a top level CM given the injury problems with Hendo and Insecurity over Cans futures. my preferences would also be to see Keita brought forward.
Those changes I believe, could allow us to secure 2nd place this season and be in a great position to add one or two other in the summer for a title challenge next season
Gavin Doyle

I think Liverpool should have had the majority of the money spent before coutinho was leaving and had a replacement in place and ready to unveil asap.

What Now? Sanchez was my top choice but it won’t happen. I’d go Mahrez now along with a keeper.
Matt Roberts 
Considering we bent Barcalona over a bush and royally fucked them to the tune of £142m as well as forcing them to buy in January, a notoriously difficult window to get people to buy in, I’d go out and splash the cash on VVD and Keita, then hope we can persuade a keeper in the summer, I might even pay over the odds for Keita to try and get him early, but he’s their best player and it’s notoriously difficult to buy a teams best player in the winter window.
Ray Brady

£142 Million…Some bread…Not for long!!!

1st:  A GOALKEEPER that actually saves the fucking ball!
I’d love us to go balls out and buy a worldie…but some prices being touted are fucking mental!
Allison seems to be the one.. £40- 50m should easily tick that box
2nd: If like me, your knowledge of Thomas Lemar is encapsulated in just late night Champions League highlights of Monaco with a couple of full 90 mins when the French outfit were playing a Premier League team or one of the European big boys…then you can baaa with me and follow the flock! It was the same when we were linked to one Bobby Firmino. I hadnt seen much of him (fuck all really) but wanted him because the LFC twitter masses said so. So here we are again and I feel myself baaaaing to get “our target” yet knowing he could take a while to get up to PL AND price tag standards…
“Mahrez and Sanchez are proven”
Yes they are, but there’s nothing and I mean nothing like the buzz of watching a new player bloom or wilt under the spotlight of us. .the most fickle fans in the world. Strap yourself in and let’s do a crazy!
Now go get our new “Scouser Tommy” Jürgen!
James O’Regan 

What to do with the Coutinho Money?

As we know Coutinho has now fulfilled his dream and is a Barca player. So, our transfer chest now contains £106 million extra. What should we do with the money?

Lots have said to spend the money on Lemar but not for me I don’t see how he is worth 90 million, given is only 22 and nowhere near the finished article for that kind of money I want a player that is making an immediate impact and I don’t see how he improves on our front three of Salah, Mane and Firmino.

I think the areas were the money would have the most benefit would be goalkeeper and central midfield.

The current situation is we have two average goalkeepers but neither inspires total confidence Mignolet is a disaster and Karius has not looked the confident figure I thought he would be, it seems it is very much on the agenda and the keeper that really excites me is Allisson, the Butland rumours can do one. Alisson is currently the Brazilian number one ahead of Ederson and has this season become the Roma No 1. Having already strengthened at centre back, doing the same at goalkeeper would make a huge difference to the number of goals we have conceded this season. The figure banded around is £40 million which would be money well spent given he is only 25. This season Roma have the 2nd lowest goals conceded at 14 whereas we currently have conceded 25!

If it was possible I would love to see us throw money at Redbull to get Naby Keita in now. I think our midfield is crying out for a player like Keita despite what Danny Murphy has said 😊. He is a goal scoring box to box midfielder, that presses constantly but is extremely tidy on the ball. Given the fact he is joining in July I think it makes sense to try and get him early.

These two additions shore up two areas where we are currently weak, and I feel would make a huge difference to the squad.

Stephen Browne

I’d rather see the money spent now partially on players for now and the summer.
Say 20m for Goretekza to get him now if possible and whatever the premium is to get Naby Keita now rather then the summer.
Personally I would spend 40m on Marhez to supplement the Goals and assists that we will lose from the Coutinho sale.
Take into account the summer budget which would be either  plus 100m or 50m depending on a deal for Marhez and spend it on 2 players. Either Alison from Roma or another keeper of that level not Butland or any other shite bag that would be a sideways step from what we have already but a true proper upgrade and then if the 1st choice is Thomas Lemar from Monaco then I want a deal put in place so he is signed and sealed for arrival on the 1st of July.
I think that would solve some of the issues within the squad that have been there before the Coutinho sale and will become more glaringly obvious when, as seems likely, Emre Can leaves in the summer.
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