Where’s the Coutinho money John? 48hrs to go.

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By @GavDoyle82


Right up to the moment it was announced that Coutinho was leaving Liverpool to join Barcelona I had held out hope that the player and club would do right by each other. Stick it out until the summer. Make the deal now if needs be but it happens in the summer. It wasn’t to be.

I need to let everyone know that I am a positive Liverpool fan. I believe we can beat anyone and no matter what player comes or goes we move on.

This one got me though. Bad.

I have tried to look at the whole situation from all angles in a bid to calm down and move on. Its done the opposite lads, I’m furious!! I’m a bit like Jim McDonald in Corrie when Liz has gone for a wander.

This is how I see it lads and feel free to shoot me down…

Lets start with Barcelona,

They probably cant believe what they have got away with. After getting mugged by PSG for Neymar they needed to stick their chest out and make amends. Dembele arrived but they failed on Coutinho despite being in his ear all day every day. After being rebuffed they went nuclear. Directors, players past and present as well as sponsors all went on like Coutinho was theirs for months and they never stopped. Relentless. Nobody said a word to them. Pricks.

Now onto Phil,

First and foremost, he’s a brilliant player, he’s given us some great moments in the 5 years he’s been here and I thank him for that. He’s gone and I am saddened about it in a football sense. His actions over the course of this transfer has left a big mark against the legacy he will leave among a lot of Liverpool fans.

The talk in the summer was he returned to pre season committed to Liverpool – Lies

He handed in a transfer request on the eve of the premier league season – That’s sly

Refused to play and feigned injury – I’d have decked him

Despite being on course for his best return for goals and assists in a single season it was obvious he wanted out.

The club itself come out of this badly in my eyes..

I was delighted when they rejected the transfer request and told Barcelona to do one. Fair play the reds. However, I think this is the root of all my false hope. As I mentioned earlier, Barcelona were doing and saying as they liked. Not a peep from LFC about this. Nothing. Carry on lads.

I’ve read reasons why we sold Coutinho and they do my head in.

The lad wanted to go – I’m sorry but I don’t care.

He downed tools and wouldn’t play – Let me direct you to the goals and assists reference above.

The one I will accept is that Klopp had enough and sanctioned it. I get that one. He should call the shots and fair play to him on a nice statement regarding the whole thing.

Despite all the circumstance, the drama, the antics of certain parties up until last weekend it’s the bit that’s followed that has annoyed me most.

Liverpool as a club stood firm in August over Coutinho and it was widely reported that a major reason for this was a lack of time to find a replacement. It must be different now? Surely? Sadly it’s not.

We have sold arguably our best player mid season while we are in the middle of a fight to retain champions league football, make a mark in the same competition and possibly win a domestic cup and while Barcelona swan off into the sunset we are left with some tricky issues.

I’ll concede we couldn’t make a deal happen now so we could keep the player until the summer but the rest is laughable.

“He’ll be replaced, the club aint stupid” was the call. Why not do the replacing before last weekend? It’s not as if we didn’t see this deal coming.

We all read journalists spin us the yarn about Klopp not rushing anything and may wait until the summer. Sorry lads but that simply does not wash. Spending the time between August and December putting a replacement in place is not rushing.

I said on a podcast at the weekend that LFC have 48 hours to show us they let a player go because they had the situation in hand. Show everyone we move on quickly and decisively. I was not messing. That 48 hours has passed and nothing has happened.

We might try bring Keita in early? I am not against doing this but it’s a sign we have dropped the ball on all this.

The club have told journos to stay quiet and that is why we are hearing nothing apparently…. Come on lads have a day off.

We are left with a load of cash that every club will use as a way to bend us over a barrel. We should have stood firm or done some forward planning. We done neither in my opinion. I want so badly to be wrong.

Up the reds.

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