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Sean McGough

Sean McGough

Your lips move, but i cant hear what you're saying Liverpool, England
Sean McGough

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There’s a great Liverpool banner that reads, “We’ve seen things they’ll never see” and has a scouse lad in his Adidas trabs looking out as his shadow depicts a European Cup. I’ve always loved that banner. It’s always reminded me that I support a club that means more to people than most clubs. We love our club. The club represent us as scousers. The banner shows our attitude as scousers too. It doesn’t matter what you think because we’re boss and were having a great time being so. The banner seems like it couldn’t be more perfect for this team and this year. Think back at the great time we’ve had being boss. 7-0 Maribor. 7-0 Moscow. 5-0 Porto. 3-0 City. 2-1 City. 5-2 Roma.

What a ride this season has been. What nights we’ve had along the way. Liverpool are at their most beautifully dazzling best when they crank it up to 11, and our amp goes up to 11. This season we have battered the best Europe can throw at us in bursts when no team on the planet can deal with us. We simply blitz them. They can do nothing. The team seems to think quicker, run quicker, pass quicker and ties are over before a team has any chance to get a grip. The envious eyes of every football fan have been on us this year. They would love their teams to play the way we do. They would love to have the away ends that we do. They would love to have the front three that we do.

What a front three we have. 90 goals between them. 90. Sadio Mane, 19 goals. Mo Salah, 44 goals. Bobby Firmino, 27 goals. Bobby Firmino, Liverpool’s number 9. When Thierry Henry calls you the league’s most complete striker you must be doing something right and boy, is he doing something right. In fact he is doing almost everything right. This has been his best season in a Liverpool shirt. He’s been non-stop from Watford away first game of the season when he scored his pen and set up Mo for his first Liverpool goal. 52 games he has played this year and he hasn’t stopped running. Running, chasing back, winning tackles from the opposition number 6. Running, dragging defenders into areas they don’t want to go. Running, chasing down defenders making them panic, taking the ball and coolly slotting it bottom corner. He is so integral to this team that the no-look contract signing was up there as one of the moments of the season. Klopp called it “unbelievably important news” and spoke of how much he does for the team, in the league and in Europe. What a footballer Bobby F has become.

Klopp has also spoken of our European run, calling it crazy, and this is a man who has seen some crazy things in football, “The number of goals we scored is simply crazy. We’ve scored seven goals twice and five goals twice. That’s really crazy, because we aren’t Barcelona, we aren’t Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. We aren’t anyone else. We are Liverpool, on the way to becoming a really good team. And performing at such a high level is very cool. To summarise, it’s been a crazy ride. But, after all, we’ve earned our place here.”

This team is crazy. We have to keep coming back to it. At 5-0 in the first leg if someone had said this is going to finish 7-6 mate, you’d have laughed, patted them on the back and shipped them off to Shutter Island. “Enjoy your stay absolute loon. We know they’re mad but they’re not that mad.”

Klopp’s right though. We have earned it. We deserve to be there. We’ve had some great moments along the way. Think back to when Mo scored that first goal against Roma. Let that memory wash over you. The noise. What a strike. What a goal. What a night. Absolute scenes. That goal may be one of the greatest moments of my life. The noise. Watch it again. BT have done a great YouTube video of that night and the first goal is a thing of stunning beauty. That noise.

The noise from the fans has helped the team this year, and I mean the younger fans here. The feeling has been let’s enjoy this rollercoaster for what it is. Let’s embrace it. Let’s go with them and see where we end up. Let’s all get down Arkles lane 2 hours before kick-off, sing our hearts out, get the pyro going, climb every vantage point because this is our European Cup run. I write this as a 32 year old. We had ours in 05 and 07 this one is theirs. We all need to take a leaf out of their book because they just embrace this team for what they are and say to hell with it. “Gonna get beat up in Rome are we, sound see you there Amico.” “Gonna cost us £10k for the final and no sleep for 4 days, no worries lad, meet ya at the Rocket yeah?” This team and these fans are a match made in heaven.

The congregation at Anfield has always been full of characters and so is this team. A set of lads you can really get behind. They seem to understand they have a privileged position and want to benefit everyone they can from it. Not just from giving us amazing moments on the football pitch.

Mohammed Salah, not content with being the best thing since an egg white omelette gives so much of his own money to those less fortunate, building a hospital and a school in his native Egypt.

Andy Robertson visiting foodbanks and sending little Alfie Radford a signed Firmino shirt because the lad had given his the last of his pocket money to Fans supporting Foodbanks.

Trent Alexander-Arnold speaking of his own charity work and his determination to help the local community. His relationship with Louis Henry who we saw with him on the final day at Anfield against Brighton.

Alex Oxo-Chambo getting Joe and Bobbi Jaggar tickets for the final after they’d missed out on the ballot, forgetting the fact that he was recovering from knee surgery that has cost him a place in a European Cup final and a world cup.

All these lads are good young men trying their best. They’ve worked hard and sometimes had to ride their luck. But we’re there now. The final in Kiev awaits. As we know, luck is a fickle mistress, let’s make it none of her business. Turn it up to 11 Reds, blow Real Madrid away as you have the rest of Europe and we’ll love you forever more. You deserve it.

Lorius, Trent, Degsy, Virgil, Robbo, Milly, Hendo, Gini, Bobby, Sadio, Mo, I love you all.

Go and win a European Cup for me.

Come on Liverpool, Make Us Dream.

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Your lips move, but i cant hear what you're saying Liverpool, England