You know, I know, We all know the In The Know’s!!! A Poem

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As the season has ended and the football decreases,

The old ITK’s are beginning their “pieces”.

Their knowledge of players from the most obscure regions,

will be lapped up and spat out by their poor brainwashed legions.

More click bait and likes is what our fans are swallowing,

hey go fuck the truth once its growing their following.

They say VVD and Keita replace Lovren and Lallana,


when in fact there’s more chance of me riding Rhianna

When you try to talk sense then they give you a block,

to save the world knowing that their info is cock.

But that will not stop them no chance they’ve relented,

despite the clear fact that their story’s invented.

So your best bet’s to  swerve them they talk from their jacksy,

you’d get better info in the back of a taxi.

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